Environmental quality, economic sustainability, interdisciplinary research, stakeholders’ demands, local farmers’ needs and policy advice.

These concepts are often perceived as distant from each other. However, in EFFECT they are combined to analyse, develop and test contract frameworks. This aims to reconcile farmers’ private benefits from farming and environmental and climate public goods.


The project is composed by 7 work packages, involving specific competences but tightly connected and equally essential to reach our objectives.

WPs 3, 4 and 5 provide the research perspectives and contain the more theoretical part of the project. WPs 2 and 6 translate this information into empirical analysis and practical outcomes. WP1 coordinates the project, and WP7 is in charge of its communication and dissemination.

The following scheme summarizes the single tasks and the general process of EFFECT.


We are 19 partners from different countries, as well as from different fields of expertise, but with a balanced set of competences. Both academic and professional organizations are involved, constituting an ideal team to reach the objectives and the impacts set by the project.

The academic partners covers the theoretical and empirical aspects of the key disciplines of relevance: economics, law, political science, ecology and agricultural science.

The practice and stakeholder partners represents a significant range of the multiple types of actors relevant for the focus of EFFECT’s effort. They have a broad network in their respective regions and good relations with counterparts in the policy arena.

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