DARP is the agriculture, livestock, fishery and food authority in Catalonia which means that is the public body in charge of agrarian and environmental production. The main functions of this institutions are detailed in the following three points: 1) to plan and coordinate prevention and environmental control in the agrarian sector; 2) to supervise and reinforce the improvement of the good agricultural practices in farms, taking special care of manure management and irrigation systems; 3) to adapt and transfer knowledge to the stakeholders, by giving advice to farmers and by informing to society. Catalonia has one of the most intensive areas in terms of livestock and, therefore, it has been dealing with manure management since the earlies 90’s. Improvement of manure management is one of the main objectives to be achieved within the Strategic Agrarian Plan of DARP for the following years. The Soil and Environmental Management of the Agrarian Production Service is the section of the DARP which will be involved in the project. Farming treatments, feeding and watering systems at farm or fertilization advice are some of the current activities of the institution, according to the goals of the project.

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Jaume Boixadera