The Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (abbrev.: NAK) was founded in 2013 (with the merge of county level chambers) as a non-profit organisation performing governmental and public functions. Currently, NAK has approximately 400 000 members (2/3 of them are agricultural farmers and 1/3 of them are food industrial or commercial companies) and more than a 1 000 of employees are working in the Chamber, including the central body and county divisions. In addition, thanks to the fact that from 2018 NAK could start to operate its own advisory service (through a 100%-owned company), also 60 experienced advisors participate in its activities. More broadly, NAK is responsible also for the operation of the whole Farm Advisory System (FAS) through the registering and training of the country’s 1 100 advisors (private, independent from us). The main tasks of NAK briefly are: -1) practice oriented services for members to increase their competitiveness; 2) lobbying for favourable agricultural policy decisions to create favourable business environment; 3) international representation of the interests of Hungarian agriculture to reach advantageous competitive conditions for the Hungarian products; 4) knowledge transfer through all possible communication channels (website, newsletter, press, printed and online publications, professional meetings and conferences etc.).

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