envecon 2022

18 Mar 2022, 10:30-18:00

Economics for Nature

envecon 2022

Envecon is the UK’s only environmental economics conference which brings together delegates from academia, private, and public sectors to showcase the latest research and applied practices in environmental economics. #envecon2022 will take place online.

It’s divided into 4 sessions, you can register here.

Session 1, titled Economics for Nature, will be chaired by the EFFECT partner Professor Nicholas Hanley from Glasgow University.

Speakers will present their research and engage in a dialogue before taking questions from the audience, following this agenda:

  • The Value of Species Data in England – Ian Dickie, eftec
  • Delivering Connective Nature-Based Solutions: Barriers Faced by Farmers and Potential Solutions – Diane Burgess, AFBINI
  • Ecological and Economic Implications of Alternative Metrics in Biodiversity Offset Markets – Nicholas Hanley, University of Glasgow