3rd REECAP meeting

09-10 Sep 2019
Albrechtstr. 29, D-49076 Osnabrück - Osnabrück, Germany

The Research network on Economic Experiments for the Common Agricultural Policy (REECAP) is an EU-wide network founded in 2017. It aims at bringing together researchers, experts and policy-makers interested in the use of economic experimental approaches to evaluate and improve the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

3rd REECAP meeting

REECAP’s objective is to contribute to the constant improvement of European agricultural policies, by providing robust results on their net impact, but also by helping to design well-adjusted and effective policy interventions, in the fields, amongst others, of income support, investment policies, risk management and agri-environment including climate change. REECAP can thus help to identify and evaluate policies which are well accepted by farmers, improve the effectiveness of public money spending and yield to more satisfactory outcomes for food consumers and for citizens. REECAP is open to those who wish to promote behavioural analysis and economic experimental designs for the ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of (European) agricultural policies.

The annual meeting’s objective is to strengthen and enlarge the REECAP community and disseminate research and policy advice in the field of agricultural policy. We envisage to attract a diverse audience consisting of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, administrative staff and people lobbying for or intrested in enhancing the performance of agricultural policies. 

More info at: https://sites.google.com/view/reecap/events/osnabr%C3%BCck-2019